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Friday, 26 August 2016

This Week's Episode Link Featuring An Interview With UFC Hall Of Famer Frank Trigg

Music by Mountains of The Moon


Wednesday, 24 August 2016

This Week's Guest Is Frank Trigg!!

On this week's episode I welcomed UFC Hall of Famer Mr. Frank 'Twinkle Toes' Trigg into the virtual studio. Frank is a former mixed martial arts fighter, Actor and Stunt performer for TV and Film, colour commentator, television personality, radio host, and MMA spokesman. He has been involved in the combat sports industry, in some capacity, for more than 15 years. As a fighter, Frank Trigg has fought for some of the most prestigious fight promotions in the world, including Ultimate Fighting Championship, PRIDE Fighting Championships, Rumble on the Rock, Icon Sport and World Fighting Alliance.
Trigg began his fight career in 1996 fighting for various upstart promotions and got his big break in 1999 when he signed on to fight for PRIDE Fighting Championships. Trigg made his debut for the promotion at Pride 8, where he clinched an impressive TKO victory over Fabiano Iha. The Olympic trials wrestling finalist and second degree Judo Black Belt went on to claim numerous titles, including the World Fighting Alliance Welterweight World title and the Icon Middleweight Championship title.
Trigg Stopped fighting in 2011 to pursue acting and stunt work full-time. Frank Trigg is revered as much for his accolades in the cage as he is for his unpredictable humour, first-hand knowledge of the sport, and expert commentating. He is recognized worldwide as a colour commentator, popular radio and television personality, and MMA spokesperson. It is safe to say that the success of this American mixed martial artist extends well beyond the cage. As an Interviewer Trigg can be seen giving one of a kind interviews on with fighters from different promotions.
As a radio personality, Trigg is the former co-host of the radio show and TAGG radio. On television, Trigg has appeared on the VH1 reality show ‘Kept” where he tried to win the affections of former supermodel Jerry Hall, and was also featured on an episode of the popular sitcom ‘King of Queens, Hawaii Five-0, Murder in the first, Houdini, The Bridge and NCIS LA just to name a few. A few of the films he has been in are Red Belt, Frank and Lola, Awakening, Street and is currently filming Any Which Way They Come.
When he is not busy acting and training for stunts, the dedicated father of four devotes his time to his family and to giving back to the community through youth mentoring, involvement with Phi Beta Sigma fraternity and motivational speaking. Trigg is also very active on social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter and Instagram.

You can find Frank here:

Music this week is provided by Mountains of The Moon.

Mountains of the Moon is an alternative folk band based in Stockholm, Sweden. After the release of the latest single How I Leapt From The Stratosphere, the band is looking to release their independent debut EP later this year.

You can find out more about this awesome band at these links:


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

This week's guest is Hands Of Stone actor Robb Skyler

This week I sat down with the very talented and knowledgeable actor and former comedian Mr Robb Skyler who talked about the honour of portraying sports commentary legend Howard Cosell in the Robert De Niro, Edgar Ramirez starrer Hands Of Stone.

Robb also spoke about his start in comedy, just how improvised Curb Your Enthusiasm really is and of course working with two of the greatest actors on the planet. This is not an interview to miss so make sure you are subscribed to the show on iTunes, Stitcher or whatever podcaster app you utilise and remember if you love the show or hate the show send some of that love or hate my way by reviewing the show. Cheers.

Some of Robb's credits include:
Hands Of Stone                        2016
2 Broke Girls                            2014
The Mentalist                           2008
Curb Your Enthusiasm           2005
Arrested Development            2004-2005
Along Came Polly                    2004
Joe Dirt                                     2001
Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo   1999 
Blast From The Past               1998Forrest Gump                          1994

Music this week is provided by the insanely talented LANNDS!
LANNDS is a indietronica, ambient and pop project that consist of singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer, Rania Woodard. The Memphis, Tennessee native began her journey with music just at the age of eight, teaching herself guitar in the middle of her bedroom floor. LANNDS formed in Jacksonville, Fl late this year with a single “Still” and will release her debut EP titled “ wide awake in a sleepy world”. LANNDS draws such positive comparisons and influences by indie favourites such as Daughter, James Vincent Mcmorrow, Frank Ocean, and Bon Iver.
You can find out more at these links:

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

This Week's Guest Is Professor Donald D. Hoffman

On this week's episode I sit down to chat with Professor Donald D. Hoffman who is the Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of California. The good Professor first came to my attention with his incredible TED talk "Do We See Reality?" I watched it twice in one sitting partly due to being so fascinated and partly due to not fully being able to recant what I had just listened to when trying to describe it to my wife in a text.

Afterwards I decided very quickly thee best way to learn from this man, other than enrolling at said University, would be to bring him on the show and talk to him in the virtual studio about this and his various other papers.

This chat is both very intellectual (Hoffman) and very not (Me) but Donald managed to break it all down into understandable chunks even I could follow. So sit back and listen to some of the weirdest and coolest scientific thinkings and research you will hear this side of Halley's Comet.

You can find out more about Professor Hoffman at his University of California Faculty Page

Friday, 5 August 2016

This Week's Episode Link Feat: Stephen Wallem Interview

The Drew Carson show Season 2 Episode 27: Stephen Wallem Interview
music is provided by the hugely talented J Mano you can find out more about J at his FMA page.